16 years ago my girlfriend spotted a miniature schnauzer pepper and salt, which sold by little girl standing at the bazaar. He had a name Avantis, and came from Kennel z Grochowskigo Kojca. Holding his in my arms, I felt that this was the only one, my dog. The next day he was with me.

After five years appeared next miniature schnauzer Max from Radom, and after some time nex, a female Blanka. A few months later I offered my girlfriend for Christmas Giant Schnauzer  – our beloved Enigma. Ewelina always dreamed about Giant Schnauzer. Only recently, along with the Santa Claus I fulfilled not only her dream, but mine!

We can say confidently that by my girlfriend Ewelina flourished in me the love of schnauzers.

Joined us even greater love for schnauzers!

Thus was formed the nucleus and the idea Mazurlandii – a place for us and our schnauzers, a place where we meet our dreams and our dogs.